Cleaning Tips

Bottles in dishwasher

One of the main features of the Retap Bottles is that they are designed to keep your tap water clean:

 · The Retap bottle is designed without edges for cleaner and healthier water.
 · Retap Bottles can easily be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Prevent and remove stains

Borosilicate glass will not wear down over time, but calcium and magnesium in tap water can leave (unharmful) marks on the glass. If your dishwasher is not able to remove these marks, we have a few tips to make your Retap Bottle shine like never before:

 · Always wash your Retap Bottle and lid before use. 
 · Don’t leave water in a Retap Bottle when it’s not in use. It increases the risk of calcium remains.
 · Rinse the Retap Bottle with tap water before refilling.
 · Use vinegar to remove calcium remains. You can use it pure and shake it around with a lid on the bottle or you can mix vinegar with water and leave it overnight.
 · If you clean the Retap bottle by hand: use a bottle brush. They are available in most shops with household appliances.