Retap Infuse is a collection of instant beverage mixes for making flavoured water. Retap Infuse is made from real fruit extracts containing only natural flavours and colours. Sweetened with fruit sugar combined with grape sugar, a sustainable side product from the grape production. Low in sugar and calories and high in tasty, delicious flavour.

The Retap Infuse Collection consists of four delicious flavour infusions:


Citrusy flavour infusion of zesty lemon with a kick of lime.


Spicy-sweet flavour infusion of ginger and elderflower with hints of lime.


Sour-sweet flavour infusion of cranberry with notes of orange.


Sweet-refreshing flavour infusion of raspberry with a twist of mint.


It is often a challenge creating a healthy habit of drinking enough water during a busy day.

We recommend taking a Retap Moment – a 10 minute “time-out” during the day where you enjoy a bottle of fresh cold tap water. It cleanses your mind and instils new energy.

Flavoured water in an instant

Retap Infuse is a tasty choice to help you reach your hydration goals. The convenient single-serve stick packs make it easy to get flavoured water in an instant at home, at the office or on the go when in need of a refreshment.

The stick packs easily fit into a bag together with a reusable Retap Bottle. Just add to 250 ml / 8.8 fl oz of cold tap water in a Retap Bottle, shake the bottle and enjoy the tasty flavour infused water. An easy and sustainable way to hydrate.

Sustainable hydration

Retap Infuse is a supplement to drinking plain water and is an alternative to drinking bottled flavoured water and other sugary beverages.

Compared to bottled ready-to-drink beverages, Retap Infuse is a more convenient and sustainable way to hydrate.

Retap Infuse consists of small stick packs with beverage mix to be infused into tap water in a reusable bottle, thus producing a minimum of packaging waste. Retap Infuse can be stored at room temperature, no cooling or refrigeration needed, generating less costs both economically and environmentally.

For more information about Retap Infuse please contact any of our Retap Resellers in your country.