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This page is only for internal use and access to files is limited to people from Retap. If you’re an external contact, please visit or talk to your contact at Retap.


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Page 1: main info about Retap.
Page 2: Info for custom print (+ all lid colours).



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Page 1: main info about Retap


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The Retap Handbook provides an introduction about Retap: how it started and what we value most. It is available in English and German.

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The Data Sheets show all important specifications of our Retap products. There’s one per product.

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The Retap product list contains specifications of all our products and product numbers, EAN Codes and PMS codes.

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The Retap order sheet can be used to place orders. Fill out the fields and send it to your contact person at Retap or simply to

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Only for companies who use bottled water. Fill out the data in the bottom and the sheet calculates the savings in money and carbon footprint.

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Info about the correct use of our logo, official font and colours. Share it to assist resellers/customers who put us in their official material (website, newsletter, catalogue, etc.).

View and download Retap Style Guide