Iconic Design

A danish design icon

Retap follows the Scandinavian design tradotopn with its simple and functional lines in the design.

The Retap Bottle has become a design icon with its beautiful look, eye catchy shape and high quaity. The idea of haveing a one-piece-design without any edges makes the Retap Bottle special. The bottle's shape qurantees a great water flow and makes it easy to refill at the tap. All in all, the Retap Bottle matches the Scandinavian design heritage perfectly.


Scandinavian design

Simplicity is one of the keywords in Scandinavian design. This is reflected in the Retap Drinkware with its timeless design, simplicity and choice of high-quality materials.

Retap has proudly received the Red Dot Design Award, The Promotional Gift Award and The Good Design Award throughout the years.


Award-winning design

Retap Drinkware is reusable bottles, carafes and water glasses especially designed to provide the best sustainable drinking experience possible.

The products are comfortable to hold, sealed against spilling and the award-winning design insures that you will enjoy every sip of water.

Retap Drinkware will fit into any setting and brings elegance and sophistication to your everyday life.


Retap Lifetime Warranty

If your Retap drinkware accidentally breaks, we will replace it with a new one.


  1. Sara Nylund

    I have been using the 0.5L bottle for about a month now and I really enjoy using it and bringing it everywhere. No more plastic bottles for me.
  2. Elina Holm

    This is my bottle for life. Love the cool lid colours. I really like the idea of refilling from the tap instead of using single-use water bottles. It's really an easy way to cut down on daily plastic waste.
  3. Levent Özdemir

    The glass feels very premium since it’s so thin and light. It gives a nice feeling when drinking from it. Thanks for a great product!
  4. Tobias Swartz

    The environmental aspect of the products is what is most important to me. Everyone should think about reusing more.
  5. Charlotte Wrang Lindemann

    Stylish and sustainable design that keeps me hydrated all day long. I've been a fan for years. Excellent water bottle. Highly recommended.