Retap offers a lifetime warranty

The lifetime warranty enables you to receive a new, similar product of the broken one, if your Retap Bottle accidentally should break.

The lifetime warranty applies to the different Retap Bottle sizes 0.3L, 0.5L, 0.8L, Carafe and Drinking glasses. Be aware that we only replace broken products. Please keep your lid, we only replace the broken bottle/carafe/glass.

The lifetime warranty covers one (1) range. This means that the warranty can only be used once per broken item. The transaction is an exchange of goods, and no money will be refunded.

The lifetime warranty is only valid within the EU (+ Switzerland & Macedonia).

We use GLS for shipping, thus your package will be delivered to a selected GLS partner shop in your country. The shipment can be followed with a tracking number, which you will receive with your order confirmation once your order has been shipped.

You must have a pre-registered Retap account to activate your lifetime warranty. Without an account the warranty does not apply.

To make use of the lifetime warranty, please upload a picture of your broken bottle in the login section. Once uploaded, we will send you a "free product code" which you can then use in the shop when checking out. Standard shipping fees apply.

Retap Lifetime Warranty

If your Retap drinkware accidentally breaks, we will replace it with a new one.


  1. Sara Nylund

    I have been using the 0.5L bottle for about a month now and I really enjoy using it and bringing it everywhere. No more plastic bottles for me.
  2. Elina Holm

    This is my bottle for life. Love the cool lid colours. I really like the idea of refilling from the tap instead of using single-use water bottles. It's really an easy way to cut down on daily plastic waste.
  3. Levent Özdemir

    The glass feels very premium since it’s so thin and light. It gives a nice feeling when drinking from it. Thanks for a great product!
  4. Tobias Swartz

    The environmental aspect of the products is what is most important to me. Everyone should think about reusing more.
  5. Charlotte Wrang Lindemann

    Stylish and sustainable design that keeps me hydrated all day long. I've been a fan for years. Excellent water bottle. Highly recommended.